Day 12: the best advice you’ve ever heard, or ever been given

Oh nice, the match for day 11 ^^. Hmn … but i think that this questions with the advices aren’t so easy. I think such advices, which contain to improve my self-esteem are quite good advices for me. Again, i am not a person, which has so much self-esteem and in some situation i would often try to back down. But when you get from a good friend, or your family the advice just to do it, be yourself and such things, i do way more things :D. Also this sentence form day 10, to “be yourself”, is for me a very good advice. Right now, i can’t even remember, if i have got such advice, but i think … yeah for sure i got this advice at some moments. Maybe this advice is the “normal one” and also in the situation so stupid, because it maybe doesn’t helped you. But when you are yourself, you shouldn’t be ashamed for the things you do. When the other ones can’t accept you, then there often not worth it, to talk with them or to be friend with this person. Maybe i have heard other, quite better advices, but right now this is just that, what comes into my mind :).

365 Day Challenge

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